Erik Bachmann

Anna Marie Månsson

Anna Marie Månsson
Given names
Anna Marie
Married name
Anna Marie Kristensen
MarriageKarl Kristian KristensenView this family

Birth of a son
Poul Frede Kristensen
August 10, 1926
  1. Generation 1
    1. Children of Anna Marie Månsson and Karl Kristian Kristensen:

      1. Poul Frede Kristensen (19262006)
  2. Generation 2
    1. Poul Frede Kristensen, son of Karl Kristian Kristensen and Anna Marie Månsson, was born on August 10, 1926 in Grumløse, Udby Sogn, Baarse Herred, Præstø Amt and died on June 26, 2006 in Roskilde Sygehus, Roskilde at the age of 79 years.